Parking Lot Info


Creekside Park teaches Respect, Responsibility, and Safety. We ask you to please help us teach these values when picking up your children.


If you park in a parking space and/or walk to pick up your children in front of the school, please use the CROSSWALK at the front entrance of the school.


Walking between vehicles is dangerous and not safe for you or your children. It is also poor modeling that does not show responsibility for your own safety. Walking between vehicles also causes additional safety concerns for other drivers. We have teachers assisting you and your children to cross safely at the crosswalk. Please use the crosswalk so we can ensure everyone's safety and peace of mind.  


Please use the CROSSWALK. Thank You!


Morning Drop-off:

  • Pull as far forward as you can before you let your child out of the car.
  • All children must exit from the passenger side of the vehicle. Under no circumstances should they be on the driver's side, as cars do pass and are not always able to see your children.
  • Drivers should never leave their vehicle for any reason, unless parked in a designated parking space.
  • Once your child is dropped off, please drive slowly out of the drop-off area and parking lot.


Afternoon Pick up:

  • Do not arrive before 3:20. Students are not released until 3:30 and early arriving cars do not speed up the process of pick up.
  • When you arrive, please pull forward as far as you can and remain in your car.
  • Students may enter the vehicle on the passenger side only.
  • Encourage your own children to come immediately to the front of the school for pick up. 
  • As cars in front of you move forward, please move as far forward as you can.
  • Once your child is safely buckled into the car, feel free to carefully pull into the lane of traffic that is exiting the parking lot.


In the Parking Lot:

  • Cars must be parked properly in a designated space.
  • Students must be escorted by an adult to and from the car.
  • EVERYONE is expected to cross at the crosswalk or use the outside sidewalk.
  • There is no running or horseplay in the parking lot as other cars may not be able to see smaller children.
  • There are several staff members on duty at all dismissal times, please be respectful and follow their directions as they are there to keep children safe.